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          Foshan Haiwofeng Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,IS  a 700-4500 tons of  extrusion machines TEL:0086-013702928905  Mr.hu


          HWF-3000T-4500T Extruder-Aluminum profile Extruder

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          HWF-3000T-4500TAluminum profile Extruder - copper aluminum profile extruder

          The pushing rod systems adopts servo motor control to make the whole rod more fast, accurate and reliable.

          The ingot container adopts plug-in heating pipe to heat directly so that the efficiency is much better and faster in heating speed.

          The cutter which is designed as a square not only enhance the shearing accuracy, but also makes the installation and maintenance of the residual components and the cutter bar more convenient;

          The frame structure of prestress reduces the elastic deformation of extrusion greatly.

          The shortening of the length of the tension column and the main cylinder improves the accuracy and stability of the main frame of the extruder;

          The machine needs less hydraulic oil, which is make it lower cost and more environmental protection.

          HWF-3000T-4500T Extruder-Aluminum profile Extruder
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          Foshan Haiwofeng Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd。

          Address: Dali Xiebian Xijiao Industrial Zone, Shishan Town, 

                          Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

          TEL:0086-757-81823010     Mobile:0086-013902421147,13702928905



          E-mail:781602481@qq.com       30927636@qq.com